The Lebanese racetrack



The wide roads outside Beirut for the most part dont have any lane markings. So the traffic all compete to see who can be the fastest driver and take the most risks, just zig zgs all over the roads.  Its fascinating to watch. Mind you I always have my safety belt tightly fastened unlike a lot of the other drivers and passengers.


High speed race in both direction

The roads over the mountains are very twisty as they have to rise to a height of over 100o meters. So there are lots of short straights ansd sharp bends on this smooth wide road .


High speed cornering

More high speed cornering


The traffic for the most part all seems to be taking part in one huge race  in both directions with no central reservation barrier.  All the traffic is very close to the vehicle up ahead and when overtaking pass very close to traffic coming in the other direction. There is very little margin for error.


High speed conversation

These guys are talking to each other as the cars carreer along at 60 MPH.  Just look how close the car I am traveling in is to them.  Our tour guide told me not to worry as Lebanese are very good drivers and rarely have accidents. 

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