Adicted to texting

December 21, 2012

It seems the whole world is adicted to texting these days.  Dont get me wrong I can see its a usefull tool as you can contact someone quickly without the need to phone them up and have  a conversation. Great.  But why should people feel compelled to answer thier TEXTS immeadiately they recieve them, even if they are walking in the street. Or even more worrying… Whilst driving a car. 

Yesterday I saw a woman turning left into a small road using here right hand on the wheel whilst looking down and texting with her left hand. An incredibly stupid thing to do in my opinion as when driving you need your full attention on actually driving. Like many more people these days it would seem she is addicted to texting.

NB: A woman just got two years in jail here in the UK for killing a pedestrian whilst driving and texting at the same time.


Reclining seats on planes.

December 18, 2012

I have been doing a lot of flying lately and one thing continues to bug me!  It’s the habit of virtually everyone in the seat in front to ram their seat right back just after the meal has been served. This action  takes up such a huge chunk of my already extremely cramped space. Also, when I put my seat back it does not compensate for my loss of space !!

There is no point complaining to the cabin crew as they will tell you….. “They are well within their rights to put tier seat back.”

I don’t think when planes were designed they were thinking too much about the 6′ 4″  people(Such as me) traveling on their planes when they came up with the idea of seats being re-clinable.