A visitors veiw of Glasgow hotels.

May 6, 2014

Over the past 6 years myself and my wife have visited Glasgow many times as our son was at university there. We stayed in most of the major hotels in that city and surrounding area. Here are my thoughts on these hotels.

Premier Travel Inn George Square Times visited 10

This is one of the best Travel inns I have stayed in and we stayed there many times. The rooms were always large clean and quiet. The bar area is small but quite a nice area to sit and relax, the buffet breakfast was to a good standard. The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance of George square,Buchannnan and Sauchiehall streets. There are many good restaurants and bars also within walking distance. There is an NCP car park across from the hotel and the hotel give a 10% discount on the cost of parking there.

Premier Travel Inn Charing Cross. Times visited 01

We only stayed there once as the George Sq. Travel inn was full. It is right next to the M8 but we did not notice any noise from the motorway. The room was clean and tidy but noticeably smaller than other travel inns. The breakfast was good.

Premier Travel Inn Bearsden Times visited 01

We only stayed here once. It’s a nice location with plenty car parking at the back of the hotel. A good pub/restaurant attached to the hotel where we had a very good dinner. Breakfast was also served here the next morning. It’s a quiet location and the rooms were of a good size clean and tidy. It’s a long way from the centre of Glasgow but would be great to use to explore places like the Trossachs.

Travel Lodge Paisley Times visited 03

This is the least favourite of the hotels we stayed at. The rooms and the hotel was a bit run down when we stayed there. Also on the Saturday night we were woken up by a drunk from a wedding party staying there trying to get into the room next door. When we last stayed there three years ago there was no facility for breakfast, though the hotel did provide snack boxes for breakfast. There is plenty of car parking space at the front of the hotel. There were a couple of decent restaurants across the road from the hotel.

Hilton Glasgow Central. Times visited 05

This was our favourite and we stayed there quite a few times. Easily accessed from junction 16 of the M8. You just drive round the front of the hotel and down into the large two level car park beneath the hotel. A short elevator ride brings you to the very impressive reception area. The rooms were of reasonable size and always clean and tidy. However the bathrooms all looked a bit dated. Very impressive views of the M8 and the city from the rooms. The bar area and breakfast area were all refurbished but in my opinion did not improve the atmosphere in these places. This hotel is a tower block there are only 4 elevators so in the morning when you want to leave this can be a problem. There was an excellent fitness centre and swimming pool in the basement of the hotel.

Hilton Grosvenor Times visited 02

This is a very nicely appointed hotel with a particularly nice bar. The rooms were of a good size and had a luxurious feel to them. The breakfast buffet was very good. There is an NCP car park across the road from the reception. The hotel is located within walking distance of some of Glasgow’s best restaurants and bars in Byers road.

Hilton Strathclyde. Times visited 01

This hotel is located on the outskirts of Bellshill about 15 miles from the centre of Glasgow. The hotel its self is quite good with nice sized quiet rooms. The food in the restaurant was quite good, we had dinner there one night. There was ample car parking outside. The pool and fitness centre were very good. The big disadvantage with this hotel is the distance to Glasgow.

Menzies Hotel Times visited 01

The rooms at this hotel were fine. The food in the restaurant and breakfast buffet in the morning was good. The swimming pool and fitness centre were very good.There is also quite a nice bar. Car parking was across the street from the hotel. It’s conveniently located in the centre of Glasgow but a taxi is required to go to the various restaurants.

Crown Plaza Hotel Times visited 01

This hotel is located next to the SEC so convenient for events there. We thought the room was a little small but this was compensated for by great views over Glasgow and the Clyde.It had a nice bar and the breakfast buffet in the morning was fine. Taxis once again required to go to the various restaurants and night life in Glasgow.

Marriot Hotel Times visited 02

The rooms at this hotel were quite good. The breakfast buffet in the morning was good. There is also quite a nice bar. There was ample car parking behind the hotel. It’s conveniently located in the centre of Glasgow but a taxi is required to go to the various restaurants Etc.

I hope the above information is of some use for travellers wishing to stay in Glasgow.



Travel to the USA.

January 2, 2014

I travelled to the USA for the first time in many years recently. It was quite a job !

Firstly you must have either a Visa in your passport (which I had) or an ESTA temporary visa which can be obtained on the internet.

I was flying into Philadelphia then traveling on to Jacksonville. All travellers to the US when changing planes before a final destination have to claim their baggage before proceeding to the next plane.

No one told me this when I checked in! Also I can’t remember any announcement on the plane about this.

Once you leave the plane you will have a big wait to pass through US border control. At Philadelphia there were a dozen desks but it takes five minutes to process each person as they have to check your finger prints and do a retina scan. It took me about 25 mins to pass through immigration and I was near the front of the queue.

You then pick up your bag and go through US customs. Just round the corner from customs is a big shute where the cases are slid down to be taken to your next flight. That part was well organised and my case made the connecting flight OK.

Next it was quite a long walk to the inevitable security which was a slow process. Then a long walk to the flight to Jacksonville.

Boarding was finished by the time I arrived at the gate and everyone was sat down on their seats ready for the plane to leave. Really….. Too close for comfort for me !

So when you book flights to the USA make sure you have an absolute minimum of two hours to make your connection.

Reclining seats on planes.

December 18, 2012

I have been doing a lot of flying lately and one thing continues to bug me!  It’s the habit of virtually everyone in the seat in front to ram their seat right back just after the meal has been served. This action  takes up such a huge chunk of my already extremely cramped space. Also, when I put my seat back it does not compensate for my loss of space !!

There is no point complaining to the cabin crew as they will tell you….. “They are well within their rights to put tier seat back.”

I don’t think when planes were designed they were thinking too much about the 6′ 4″  people(Such as me) traveling on their planes when they came up with the idea of seats being re-clinable.

The great plane debate

October 8, 2010

With international travel the vogue these days, where we hop on planes like we used to hop on busses, we find our selves sat next to complete strangers on eight,ten,or even twelve hour flights. So the great plane debate. To talk to these people, or, make a deliberate attempt to ignore them completely. After all why should you talk to them? You will never see them again in your life!

Personally, I am a very talkative person, who enjoys meeting and talking to new people and hearing their stories and finding out about them.

My attitude on long flights has been, if I can talk to someone for a few hours that is a nice way to pass some of the time. One person I met on a flight from LA to London, was a part time Baptist minister and a computer expert. We found that we had so much in common, we virtually talked for the whole flight and the time went in the blink of an eye.

So with this mindset, I find it very hard to understand when people I am sat next to on planes just don’t want to engage in any conversation. As if it is the plague that is sat next to them! And they want no contact.

Then I started to analyse why people on planes may not want to engage in conversation.

I could be incredibly boring person, who may drive them mad during the flight.

I could be a very irritating person, who may also drive them mad during the flight.

Them being afraid to talk to someone they did not know.

Them being a shy person.

Them being complete prats.

What’s the point in talking to someone you will never see again in your life.

Anyway if people don’t want to talk to me on planes, I always think it’s their loss.

What do you think?  To talk, or not to talk on long flights